2019/2020 Winter Schedule


5:30PM Jazz Basics with Lauren R.

6:30PM Open Lyrical with Tammy R.

7:30PM Dance Cardio with Kyla J.



6:00PM BootyBelly Fit with Rachel A.

6:45PM DJ Dance Cardio with Todd W. 

8:00PM Open Hip Hop w/ Kyla J. 


 7:00AM TRX Skils w/ Rachel A. 

8:00AM Exhale Barre w/ Rachel A.

9:00AM Ballet Basics w/Todd 

10:30AM Pop Jazz w/ Todd W. 

6:00PM Hip Hop with Reese P. 

7:00PM SOUL Cardio with Marc F.  

8:00PM Jazz II/III with Todd W. 


5:30PM TRX Basics with Wayne B.

6:30PM DJ Dance Cardio with Todd W.

7:30PM Femme with Abel G.

8:30PM Lyrical III with Amelia S. 


6:30PM Tap Basics with Victoria S. 

7:30PM Open Tap with Victoria S. 


8:00AM TRX BootCamp with Rachel A.

9:00AM Ballet III with Ilana J. 

10:30AM Ballet Basics with Ilana J. 

11:30AM Dance Cardio with Todd W. 

12:30 PM Jazz Funk with Chris C.  

1:30 PM Heels with Chris C. 

9:00AM TRX Skills with Chrissy M. 

10:00AM Boot Camp with Chrissy M. 

11:00AM Ballet II Lena Q.  

12:30PM Ballet Basics Lena Q. 

1:30PM ADV Contemporary with TBA.