Joshua Birnbaum Memorial Scholarship

A remembrance of Josh from his sister, Sarah:

Joshy was a shy child. The only time he came out of his shell in public was to dance. Inevitably, at weddings, bar mitzvahs - any party, really - a circle would form on the dance floor and in the very center, there'd he be. This slight, quiet boy: breakdancing. It was incongruous and funny, but also so right. 


As Josh got older, his introversion fell away but his love of dance remained. He was renowned for it. He even learned how to headspin for his high school senior project in Hebrew Day School! Dancing was always part of his life. He would dance at clubs, at music festivals. He would have spontaneous and ridiculous dance offs with friends.  People still tell me that they remember the naturalness and joy that radiated off him on the dance floor.


I've been struggling for years with how to honor his memory. But when this scholarship opportunity came along, I knew it was perfect. What better way to honor Josh than to give somene else the chance to come out of their shell and radiate joy?