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BreakOut Studios is a dance & fitness community for

all who love to keep moving and stay healthy.

Our in-studio and online classes create likeminded connection in a supportive environment where all are welcome.

Life Moves... Move With It!™

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Incredibly welcoming environment! If I'm not at school or sleeping, I'm here ! Breakout Studios is a safe space that caters to all levels of dancers. BreakOut is: community, benevolent & experienced dance instructors, and a passion for the art of dance. BreakOut dance instructors (especially the studio/company owner, Todd Wilson) often push us (dancers) to move with reasoning and self understanding. The technique is SO important, and with equal importance we are taught to find the texture beyond our moves in order to feel emotion when we dance. I would recommend BreakOut to anyone who loves dance. Wether someone danced with Alvin Ailey or never took a class in their life! This really is a safe place for all! 


—  Lele S.


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5811 E Speedway Blvd, Tucson, AZ, 85712